Day 20 - Iowa City Exhibition

October 3

Lindey Anderson, Lucas Underwood, and myself had an art and photography show at the North Ridge Pavilion in Coralville, Iowa. This was a very exciting show for me because I could share it with my friends and family back home. My first show in the Midwest, a show where my grandpa could come. I loved the fact that we set up the show at 4:30 pm and tore it down at 9:00 pm. It was created just for that and that moment only.

Floating journal on a speed limit sign.

Travis came from Des Moines, so cool of him.

Getting set up, an hour or so before the opening.

Me / Lucas / Lindey

The family.

Me and Denny posing as if it's our next album cover.

A couple hours later, we left it like we found it. Thanks for looking.

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Chris Detrick said...

Looks great. congrats!