Michael Jackson

With his recent passing I thought I'd share some photo's taken on a class assignment back in January 16, 2004. It was the first day of his court hearing for child molestation charges. On his way out of the hearing he climbed to the top of his SUV, waving to his fans and dancing around, as if it were a stage. After that, people in his entourage, handed out a couple hundred flyers, which were invites to go back to his house, the Neverland Ranch. So I spent the rest of that day, seeing Michael's exotic animals, and also enjoyed a very nice chicken dinner.


Maunalua Bay

Let sleeping dogs lie


Helping Hand - Bobby J

Mount Pleasant, Iowa.


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If anyone is interested in one of these t-shirts. Please send $ 20 plus something random for my journal to the address below.

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Perspective: voiceofsandiego.org

Was interviewed by the voiceofsandiego.org for their new column which features local San Diego photographers. Check it out here.


Albert's Ride

Photographed the band Albert's Ride at their practice space, which shares a wall with the abandoned Brazelton Hotel in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

On Assignment: Mabrouk El Mechri

French Movie Director, Mabrouk El Mechri for Contour by Getty Images.

I got to thank Elodie Mailliet and Nora Cranley for all there help and support.


Aleida and Elyse