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These where taken at my Grandpa's place over Christmas.


My 10 of Twenty Ten



Took a bit of a break from this blog after my long road trip. But now it's a new year and time to give this blog a little more love. Now to bring OTT back up to date I wanted to share some things I've added to the AEVUM blog in the last couple weeks.

Started a new column called Rummages, here's a little about it.

"In the coming months I’ll be exploring the relationship between the things I find in the street to the photographs I take in the street, and how they blend together in my journals."

“Rummages” is a monthly column by photographer Matt Mallams. He writes about the discarded notes, photographs, and other trash he finds while exploring the streets.

Rummages: A Shark bite and a found Polaroid
(Nov 2010)

Rummages: Reality is Stranger than Fiction
(Dec 2010)

2010 Atlanta Photojournalism Contest Winners Capozziello & Mallams

back in December found that Chris and I placed in the Atlanta Photojournalism Contest.

Best in Show
Christopher Capozziello/AEVUM

Multimedia Slideshow
First Place – Christopher Capozziello/AEVUM

Third Place – Matt Mallams/AEVUM