the Mathew's Family 90th Easter Egg Hunt

This last Easter I was back in Iowa for our family's Easter egg hunt. I'm usually not back in Iowa during this time but had to make the special trip because it was a good even number 'the 90th'. My grandma's family started it back 1922 at the very same house she lived most her life in and where the family gathering took place. I was asked by my aunt Char to document the evening.


Waikiki Beach Restoration Project

Worked on a story for Hana Hou! Magazine about the Waikiki beach restoration project.



go skateboarding day!



Blown out Swim


Journal # 28 - Cattle Dog

Here's a couple pages from my last journal # 28 named " Cattle Dog ".

I'm working on adding 6 more journals with over 100 new pages to my website.