Finding of the Day: Family Portrait

Mixed media without all that new-fangled computer stuff.

Recently I published a good amount of my journal pages online.

Check them out here

Garage Findings

Was rummaging around the garage today and saw these two pictures.

Elyse's Business Card

Pupa - No longer a caterpillar and not quite a butterfly.

Interview: Getting There from Here

Recently did an interview with Jim McNay about internships, workshops, and my time in college.

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A Portrait of Sloan

Skaters Point. Santa Barbara, CA 7.26.07



Fear and Loathing: Campaign Trail 07

Eric Thayer, Allison Joyce, and Michal Czerwonka. Covering John Edward's stop in Eldon, Iowa. 6.16.07

Covering The Big One … In Iowa. By Eric Thayer

Finding of the Day: Missing Turtle

Sk8 Camp

Gibson. Santa Barbara, CA



"Good Ol' Pictures"

Last Christmas my Grandpa gave me a torn up envelope of negatives that read "Good Ol' Pictures". I scanned them all in and it gave me the idea to go back and recreate them. And this is what I came up with.

The photo above is of my grandpa and his brother on the farm in 1946 and the one on the bottom is of my grandpa and his brother on the farm in 2007.

Urban Exploration

Last month I photographed a story for the San Francisco Chronicle about urban exploration. The article has not been published yet, but I just wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Calvin Barber - 5.0

Oxnard, CA

Grocery Cart and Clouds

Los Angeles, CA

Tree Branch Surfer

Santa Barbara, CA 5.12.07