Lines : Colors

These were inspired by contemporary artist Robert Irwin.


Christopher David Mallams

Thankful to see my little brother during Thanksgiving.





Unconditional Surrender

Dog Beach


What's Left

These were all taken in the driveway of homes lost in the San Diego wild fires.

Qualcomm Stadium

The home to the San Diego Chargers was transformed overnight into the home for more than 12,000 people seeking shelter from the southern California wildfires. 10.23.07


During the last leg of my trip in New York. Clay McBride invited me to come long and witness his latest creation.

"A multi-media artistic circus where sideshow meets post-modernism. Freak Show is a raw, raunchy evening of everything you have ever wanted: a mermaid, a roller coaster, a magician, and post-modern dancers."


Eddie Adams Workshop XX

Joel Dugan - Artist

When I was out in New York I got to see my cousin Joel and his wife Kathy. It's always great to see what he's been working on and get a glimpse of his studio. Very inspiring.



A Post for my Mom

She's asked me "Why aren't their any pictures of you?" Well, if your a photographer you'll know why, its because you try to stay behind the lens. But, it's until you get around other photographers, when the tables turn.

I've recently been browsing some blogs and noticed a theme.

Chris Detrick - My Life at f/22

..and here is the picture of Loretta Rae

Pinhole Camera - 180"@f:90

Michael Rubenstein - a little too fast

Yael Peres

Paul Myers - Frenetic

Elyse Butler - EA