Earth's Shadow

Lunar Eclipse. 8.28.07



San Francisco Chronicle Magazine: Urban Exploration

What drives people to climb around in mine shafts, nuclear missile silos and abandoned sugar refinieries?

The Art of Urban Exploration by James Nestor

San Francisco Chronicle: Avocado grower Henry Vega

"Henry Vega, a citrus and avocado grower, expresses the unease that many
California employers and workers feel in light of the Bush adminastration newly
announced crackdown on illegal immigration. Ask too many questions of their
employees, and the ACLU gets on your case. Don't ask
enough questions, the government gets on you."

The Fader: Writer / Director Chris Gorak

Devendra Banhart
Photo by: Tierney Gearon

Writer / director Chris Gorak.

3 Snaps in 3 City's

Los Angeles, California 3.21.07

Santa Barbara, California 3.20.07

Ventura, California 3.15.07

Finding of the Day: The Tattooed Potato

Clay Patrick McBride

This is a picture of my skateboard helmet. The only logo I wear proudly is CMPcB'S...

Clay McBride vs. Zakk Wylde

Push up's in Zakk's garage.

Instant Banger

Clay is a huge inspiration of mine. I can't say enough good things about him. He's my best friend and mentor.



Finding of the Day: Smile