Day 17 - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

September 30


Cowan during his first night at his pad.


Day 16 - Fairfield

September 29

The house I lived in when I was 19, during my stint at Indian Hills Community College.

Maharishi University of Management


Day 15 - Home on the Farm

September 28


Day 14 - Iowa

September 27

Elyse got in to town. Honolulu to Iowa.


Day 13 - Iowa

September 26


Day 12 - Iowa City

September 25

The Warthog..So many fun times here when I was 19.

My good friend Lindey Anderson in her studio.

Lindey kept a flier from a NPPA lecture Paul Myers's and I gave about street photography at Brooks Institute on July 28, 2004


Day 11 - Iowa

September 24

Looking North from the Farm.

West of the Farm.


Day 10 - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

September 23

Got to skate my favorite spot in town. Donut Land.


Day 9 - Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

First full day in Iowa.

September 22

Taco night at the VFW with my grandpa.


Day 8 - Russell, Kansas to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

September 21
miles - 520 miles

Finally made it!

Drove over 2000 miles and sat in the car for 32 hours.


Day 7 - Glenwood Springs, Co to Russell, Kansas

Woke up to see the beautiful mountains out side my hotel room. Then headed to Denver to see my old roommates I lived with in Ojai, California; Rob, Steph and their daughter Kiya.

September 20
miles - 525 miles

my old roommate Coda.


Hotel in Russell, don't worry I checked for bedbugs.


Day 6 - Las Vegas to Glenwood Springs, CO

Well to be honest, I've been having so much fun, I've got way behind on updating the blog from my road trip. I'm on day 26 now, but I'm going to catch you all up soon.

Drove East today. Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado.

September 19
miles - 626 miles

Had to make a detour, because the Utah National Guard decided to shoot off machine guns on a dry windy day. Which caused a 7 acre wild fire. oops.


Day 5 - Las Vegas

My goal today was just to play in a couple No-Limit Texas Hold-em tournaments. Which I accomplished, you got to set those goals high : )

September 18
miles - 8 miles on foot.

This almost looks comfortable.

Played my first tournament at the MGM grand, right by the lion's cage. 80+ players.

Played 2 more MTT at O'Shea's. 18 players.

Wandering around the maze that is the south end of the Vegas strip. I ran in to "Bobby's Room" at the Bellagio , where they play a $4000/$8000 cash game. A $1/$2 game is probably the most played in town, to give you an example.

Beer Pong Winners. Actually calling them 'winners' might be a stretch.

You got to love Vegas, they pay people $5 an hour to hand out business cards of naked women, just for the tourist to drop them on the ground a couple steps later. But that supply's another job, where people sweep up the littered cards. A wonderful cycle.