Day 5 - Las Vegas

My goal today was just to play in a couple No-Limit Texas Hold-em tournaments. Which I accomplished, you got to set those goals high : )

September 18
miles - 8 miles on foot.

This almost looks comfortable.

Played my first tournament at the MGM grand, right by the lion's cage. 80+ players.

Played 2 more MTT at O'Shea's. 18 players.

Wandering around the maze that is the south end of the Vegas strip. I ran in to "Bobby's Room" at the Bellagio , where they play a $4000/$8000 cash game. A $1/$2 game is probably the most played in town, to give you an example.

Beer Pong Winners. Actually calling them 'winners' might be a stretch.

You got to love Vegas, they pay people $5 an hour to hand out business cards of naked women, just for the tourist to drop them on the ground a couple steps later. But that supply's another job, where people sweep up the littered cards. A wonderful cycle.

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