Day 1 - Honolulu to San Diego

I'm just ending my first week on my road trip. I'll be a way from home for at least 50 days or more. So I'm going to try to chronicle as many days as I can. Follow along if you like.

September 14
miles - 2551

Elyse on the way to the airport. Left Honolulu around 9 pm Monday night 9.13

Sun rising while I approach the main land.

My car which as been sitting like this for 15 months.

Classic skate spot - Sports Arena

Our storage space. Ever play that game "Jenga"?

Our old home.

Our back yard - the famous OB dog beach.

Funny to see an installation I did over 2 years ago still there on the beach.

After I got my car working, with a big thanks to a guy named Jesus, that helped changed my oil. I met up with my good friends Eli and Stephanie and there daughter Mena.

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Stephanie said...

Love the shots mallams! We'll be here next time you stop through San Diego. Hope you have good travels the rest of the way.-Eli