Going to start a new essay on here called "Rummage", where I flip through pages of my old journals, and give some background to them. What ever memories our brought up from that day, maybe where I found the materials, why pages looks like it does. So follow along if you like.

I guess I'll start from the beginning and work my way up.  I remember I sat down on the couch one afternoon and started writing down what happened in my life over the last year to try to catch up the journal on what it missed. I wrote about how it was the first official day starting my journal, to make it more official, I guess. The date was 8.13.01 8:30 pm. I just started living in Iowa city with my best friend Cordes. The first journal's name was "A check for three thousand dollars and a sandwich", simple because Lucas wrote me a check for "three thousand dollars and a sandwich", with a little sandwich drawn where the change would go. It's funny I remember later on he turned at me with a worried look, and made sure I wouldn't really cash it, couldn't tell if he was serious but I think we as actually I little worried, but he can rest today because it still taped in there.

I finished the first journal in 2 months, I did a lot of writing, wrote in it everyday. The second journal took me another two months. Back in 2002 I probably finished 6 or more, whereas now, I finish 1 or 2 a year.

This page is from my 3rd journal "describe the time you peeked into someones journal." That title came from a present my mom got me called the writers block, a book shaped like a block full of different ideas to write about...and that was one. I think years later I gave that block to Mikayla. Anyways, this page contains a set list from a Della Vedova gig in I think from New London, Iowa. They played at a Moose lodge type of place, it was actually to raise money for an elderly lady, who had lymphoma. I remember they wheeled her out during the gig and she just kept gazing off and moving her head around, talking about "Bubbles", " all these bubbles". She saw the little lights circling the room from the disco ball, as hundreds of bubbles moving around her. God that must of been a trip for her. It also looks like the set list has been signed by Marco, complemented with a forged signature of Noel Gallagher by Marco.

For the other side, there's the top half of the original Rolling Stone magazine from the famed John and Yoko shoot by Annie Leibovitz. I believe I took this from the Fairfield public library, I felt I would appreciate the photography more than it being on a dusty shelf.

More to come...

Link to my journals - http://mattmallams.com/04_journals/journals.html

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