Fokussiert - Fundstücke und Collagen

Just wanted to share this with you guys. I'm featured on this German Blog, fokussiert.com, Peter Sennhauser the editor of the site was in attendance during the last San Francisco Photo Night where Elyse, Myself, and Justin Maxon gave a presentation and he had these kind words to say about that night.

"And one of the most impressive examples for me was a reflection of a woman in a plane of glass, clouded of something, that resembled a water spot. When Matt presented the picture in the slide show and says then, that it is a zoo visitor, who observes a gorilla, an astonished exclamation went through the 60 plus in attendance. No one seemed to recognized the ape at first. and now we can see nothing more than the gorilla."

Check out the article here.


ParkerMB said...

That's neat exposure, wish I knew German. I was going to say that you should add a link to the post in which you published that ape/woman shot. I had to scroll awhile to find it (but glad I did).

Anonymous said...
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